Making Your Wedding Special

Rosemary’s purpose is not only to fulfil her role as legal celebrant but also to make your wedding day as special, memorable and fulfilling as possible. To this end she is willing to assist you with the following if desired:

  • ceremonial and religious specifications
  • involvement of family and friends in the service
  • guiding guests before, during and after the service

If you’re still looking for a location for your wedding ceremony, be sure to check out her favourite locations on the Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and Byron Bay.

Wedding Package

Rosemary’s wedding package includes

  • Initial Consultation – free
  • Sorting of Documentation (Birth Certificates etc)
  • Notice of Intended of Marriage Form Completed
  • Meeting to discuss your plans and wishes for your ceremony
  • Email links to many examples of ceremonies together with wording for vows and exchange of rings and special rituals including Sand Ceremony, Hand Ceremony, Unity Candle and others
  • Wedding Rehearsal a day or so prior to wedding.
  • Leading the Wedding Ceremony with professionalism, dignity & warmth.
  • My PA System including IPod/IPhone link for music and additional microphone for readers
  • Filing of Government Documentation and the Application of Marriage Certificate from Registry of Birth, Deaths and Marriage within the state in which you were married


Commitment Ceremony


A Commitment Ceremony is a celebration of the love between a couple who wish to publicly declare their promises in front of family and friends, without taking the step into legal marriage.

There are 2 types of Commitment Ceremony, one between a same sex couple and the other between a heterosexual couple who, for whatever reason (legal, religious or cultural) do not want to be legally married.

In both cases the ceremony has no legal binding and therefore there is no lodgement of papers or waiting period required.

Commitment Ceremonies are an opportunity for couples to celebrate and publicly affirm their love for each other surrounded by family and friends.

A Commitment Ceremony can be formal, relaxed, sensitive, special and always personal, meaningful and unique reflecting your commitment to each other and the start of a lifetime of union as a couple. Many couples find such a ceremony strengthens their relationship with each other and in the eyes of their family and guests.

The venue for a Commitment Ceremony, like a wedding, can take place in a pretty park, at the beach, in your home or garden, a wedding venue, hotel or resort or wherever you are comfortable and should be carefully planned and written and may include readings, poems, special rituals (eg candle or unity ceremony, sand ceremony etc), music, exchange of vows and exchange of rings. The ceremony can include other members of the family including children.

Your ceremony will be delivered without gender or religious bias and you will find me supportive, warm and friendly.

Vow Renewal Ceremony

Reaffirmation of Vows

Vow Renewal Ceremonies or Reaffirmation of Vows are an opportunity for couples to reaffirm the promises or vows they made to each other at their original wedding or commitment ceremony. Renewing or reaffirming your vows can be a very meaningful ceremony but it is not legally binding and so can be officiated by a celebrant or family friend.

Some couples like to renew their vows to commemorate a special milestone or wedding anniversary, mark the end of a difficult time in their lives, celebrate with friends and family in a new country or have the lavish ceremony they could not afford when they married.

Whatever the reason a Vow Renewal Ceremony or Reaffirmation of Vows can be formal, informal, unique, and meaningful and reflect your personal hopes and aspirations. It can include friends, family members, children and maybe your groomsmen and bridesmaids from your wedding ceremony.

Some couples like to remind themselves of the promises they made all those years ago and prefer to repeat the wording of the vows they exchanged at their original wedding ceremony and/or extend the promises to include words reflecting the different circumstances relevant to day’s ceremony. For many the Renewal of Vows Ceremony is like a second wedding.

Again the venue for a Vow Renewal Ceremony is completely up to you. Perhaps your children wish to host such a gathering in recognition of their love for you. As with a Wedding or Commitment Ceremony a park, beach, restaurant, home, garden or hotel are all great places for you and your family and friends to gather together and share such a wonderful occasion.

Baby Naming Ceremony

Name Giving Ceremony or Naming Ceremony

Not everyone wishes to have a religious christening service for their new baby or child/children but still wants a meaningful ceremony to welcome a new family member. A Baby Naming Ceremony is a non-religious celebration of the arrival of a new child and officially introducing him or her to family and friends.

Naming Ceremonies are appropriate for anyone, at any age. This highly personal and very meaningful ceremony, which can also be called a Naming Day, can mark the birth of a new baby or the arrival of an adopted baby or child, the uniting of step or adopted children within a family, or an adult name change.

Some parents like to combine a Naming Ceremony with baby’s first birthday. Like a christening significant adults can be appointed to play a supportive role in the child’s life and can be referred to as godparents, mentors or supporters.

The naming ceremony can be held at home, in a park, at the beach or wherever the family are comfortable and can include poems, readings, quotes, the lighting of a candle, planting of a tree, drawing or painting of the family tree, cutting of a cake, creating a treasure box of memorabilia, release of doves or balloons or any other symbolic gesture from an appropriate cultural background.

Like a christening the naming ceremony is not a legal ceremony and does not preclude the child against having a religious ceremony at a later date. Usually a certificate is presented to the parents.

A Baby Naming Ceremony can also complement a church baptism, as part of the christening celebration at home or celebrate other situations such as fostering or the creation of new family relationships through marriage.

A Naming Ceremony can also be held in conjunction with a wedding, a commitment ceremony or a renewal or reaffirmation of vows.

As with all her ceremonies Rosemary Logan will work with you to assure that your Naming Ceremony will be unique and will reflect the beliefs and values of your family.